What the business delivers

The business was created to help other businesses to deliver success, success being expressed in terms of tangible, specific, outcomes.

In setting up the business I drew on my experiences at the “sharp end” as Financial Director of GW Thornton Holdings plc. Over a 10 year period the group generated increased organic growth, floated as a public company, acquired and sold three businesses for a substantial profit, established a US subsidiary and finally was sold to another plc. The outcome was a doubling of shareholder value in the 5 year period as a public company.

These achievements were based on fulfilling the three fundamentals of

  • Being in the right market
  • With the right people
  • To produce a satisfactory reward on money
This gave a model to follow, which I have applied to help many businesses large and small, in such diverse market sectors as aerospace, orthopaedics, engineering, medical informatics, information technology, energy, and medical devices.
Many of these businesses have served the global market, and I have specific experience of operating in the US market and the broader European market.
The most significant successes have been:
  • The restructure of the Prolog group, an IT solutions provider through rationalisation and the sale of non-core activities, prior to a trade sale with a value of £8M.
  • The restructure of the field-based debt recovery operation of British Gas Trading to reduce headcount, unit costs of the activity and to increase cash recovery.
  • The reshaping of the commercial focus of the customer service operation of British Gas Trading to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • The commercialisation of the activity of IDMoS plc, a university spin-out in the medical devices sector, which included raising funds of £10M through an IPO and post IPO funding rounds, securing a collaboration and commercialisation agreement with the leading global player in the market for its initial device, and the delivery of external quality systems accreditations.
  • The sale of the business of Reactivlab, a university spin-out in the veterinary science sector to a public company for a value up to £5M.
Over the years, I have realised that you cannot bring about these achievements on your own, and I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from some incredibly talented people.
As a consequence, I now have an extensive network of professional affiliates and contacts, on which I can draw to bring in complementary expertise and know-how, and which has the ability to “open doors”.
The range of expertise includes marketing, manufacturing, human relations and people development, legal matters, corporate finance, accountancy, intellectual property and public relations.